A Guide to Best Pickleball Machines

February 23, 2023
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With the rise in the popularity of pickleball, every player wants to improve their game. You might not have a partner to play pickleball with you for hours. Thanks to the advancements made by sports gear manufacturers, you can use the best pickleball machine for that. Besides introducing inventions like the pickleball machines, there have been many developments in the pickleball gear industry. Moreover, since 1965, there have been many changes to the court and equipment like paddles. 

This pickleball article covers the following: 

  • Best pickleball ball machines 
  • A buying guide
  • Some of the frequently asked questions

Best Pickleball Ball Machines

The Pickle by Lobster Pickleball Machine

The Pickle comes with a sleek design and functions that have not disappointed the players. It’s also very similar to the Lobster Tennis Machine. Thanks to its popularity among the players and its features, it is considered the best pickleball machine.

First, it has greater portability than any pickleball machine. Further, with 8-inch wheels and a huge handle, the machine is very easy to transport. With an additional cost, it comes with a remote control as well. 

Despite being only a few pounds heavy, this machine weighs 35 lbs. Hence, it can be carried around easily. It can be easily stored due to the foldability of the handle and the ball feeder. Also, you can keep up to 135 balls in the ball feeder.

One of the most important aspects of any pickleball machine is its battery life. It comes with a basic charger that takes up to 12–24 hours to charge. The fast charger charges in half the time as the standard charger. You must, however, pay additional fees for the fast charger. The Pickle lasts up to 4 hours, which is fairly low for practices.

Let’s talk about the features that help the players improve their skills. Firstly, the elevation of the machine is incredible. The machine can elevate up to 50 degrees, hence, greater flexibility. However, it is manual. 

The variable speed ranging from 10 – 60 MPH is perfect for sharpening your reaction time. Moreover, the speed of 10 mph will help you master the dink shot. While, at the speed of 60 mph, you can improve your reflexes. 

Lastly, the control panel controls the degree of spin of the balls. The machine is set to default which lobs the ball with no spin. Furthermore, the panel has controls that vary the amount of spin and horizontal oscillation you would like for your balls. You get all these features for under $1000. 


  1. Excellent portability.
  2. Varying spin.
  3. Greater ball capacity.


  1. Poor battery life.

The Pickle Two by Lobster Pickleball Machine

A Guide to Best Pickleball Machines - The Pickle Two by Lobster Pickleball Machine

Pickle Two is another great pickleball machine by Lobster Pickleball Machine. Besides having some of the features from the previous machine, it has some extra features.

The design is like the previous pickleball machine. Pickle Two is heavier than the pickle. It weighs 42 lbs. Despite being heavy, it can be carried.

Moreover, like the previous machine, it comes with foldable handles and 8-inch wheels, making it easier to transport and store. Also, it has a ball capacity of 135 balls.

What’s more, this pickleball machine comes with improved battery life. Now, the machine can work for up to 8 hours. That’s twice the battery life of the previous pickleball machine.

The company automated the elevation. It comes with an external battery as well. But that battery is heavy. You can pay extra fees to upgrade to a Premium Charger.

Besides random horizontal oscillation, Pickle 2 offers heavy spin and backspin. Further, it comes with a feature that offers two-line oscillation. It offers a startup time delay and an interval change of 2–12 seconds


  1. Improved battery life.
  2. Automated elevation.
  3. Two-line oscillation.


  1. It is heavy.

Slinger Pickleball Ball Launcher

Following the success of their tennis ball launcher, Slinger has announced the release of their first pickleball launcher. In recent times, Slinger conducted a successful beta test of the pickleball ball machine after testing it with coaches and experts of the game. Considering the quality of the tennis ball machine, you can expect remarkable features of great quality from this pickleball machine. 

Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine

A Guide to Best Pickleball Machines - Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine edited

Spinshot Sports did not hold back with the remarkable features their pickleball machine has to offer. Being one of the best-known brands for its tennis ball machines, Spinshot Sports released one of the most advanced pickleball machines of all time. If you are looking for something close to a real-life experience, the Spinshot player pickleball machine is the one for you.

Firstly, the speed of the machine ranges from 30 km/h to 90 km/h. Moreover, this pickleball machine has a ball capacity of 120 balls. Also, you can control the degree of spin and oscillation. The rectangular shape and light weight of this machine make it portable. Besides that, the towel’s wheels and handle contribute to its great portability.

The battery life of this machine might be a problem, as it lasts up to 3 hours only. Unlike other machines, you do not have to pay extra for the charger.

Finally, let’s talk about the best feature of this pickleball machine. The customizable and pre-programmed drill There are 12 drills with specific speeds, spins, and elevations. What’s more, the remote control can be downloaded to your phone. You can now customize the drills and control the spin, speed, and elevation on your phones.


  1. Great portability. 
  2. Pre-programmed and customizable drills
  3. The remote control can be downloaded in the mobile app. It can be used to customize the drills.


  1. Battery life is too short. 

The Pickleball Tutor Spin

A Guide to Best Pickleball Machines - Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine 1 edited

The Sports Tutor company released two models: the Tutor Spin and the Tutor Plus. The tutor-spin model is popular among coaches. Thanks to its remarkable features, Tutor Spin is in the highest demand on the market. For under $1000, you get excellent features that will help improve your game.

The Tutor Spin has a rectangular shape. It weighs 22 lbs, making it the lightest pickleball machine of all. What’s more, the addition of wheels and these features make the machine portable.

The most important feature of this pickleball machine is its battery life. Although the battery life of this machine is rather short, it comes with an external battery pack. Thanks to that additional battery, your machine can work for an extra 6 hours. But, the battery weighs 12 pounds and costs extra.

Furthermore, the speed of the Tutor Spin ranges from 15 mph to 60 mph with a feed interval of 2 – 10 seconds. You can perfect your shot at any speed. The random oscillator that will throw the ball over the net can be switched on and off. In addition to that, the elevation is not automated. Thus, you can practice any shot like lobs or dink shots. 

Unlike the Pickle, it does not come with a remote control. But, it does have a start-up time delay feature. This will give you some time to walk across the other side of the court after turning the machine on. The ball feeder has a capacity of 125 balls. That might not be a lot compared to other machines but it is good enough for extensive practice. Moreover, it also includes 25 Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleballs. 


  1. Start-up time delay feature.
  2. Portable.
  3. High-quality pickleball balls are included.
  4. Not so expensive.


  1. The remote control is not available.
  2. The elevation is not automated.
  3. Short battery life.

The Pickleball Tutor Plus

A Guide to Best Pickleball Machines - The Pickleball Tutor Plus

The Sports Tutor company made a comeback with their new model, Tutor Plus. The Tutor Plus has new features that make it better than the Tutor Spin. 

One of the most prominent features is the speed of this machine. Unlike many other pickleball machines, the tutor plus has a maximum serving speed of 65 mph. A speed this high can improve your reflexes and reaction time. 

Another feature that makes this machine a must-have is its spin feature. It offers both top spin and back spin. Hence, you can practice nine different shots. The two-lone oscillation feature can help you perfect the forehand and backhand with only a few practices.

Furthermore, you can control the automated elevation through the control panel. Unlike the previous model, Tutor Plus comes with a two-button remote control. It has a ball capacity of 110 balls. Thanks to the feed interval of 4 seconds, 110 balls are more than enough. 

Pickleball Tutor Plus has a short battery life that will lasting about 4 hours. The smart charger included will charge it overnight.

Despite the heavy weight of this machine, the towing wheels make it portable. 

Even though this model is expensive, the features make it a worthy investment and the best pickleball machine.


  1. Incredibly fast speed.
  2. Remote control included.
  3. Two-line oscillation.
  4. Electronic elevation.


  1. It is expensive.
  2. It is heavier than the previous model.

Buying Guide: Find The Best Pickleball Ball Machines

There are a few things to keep in mind before buying one of the best pickleball ball machines. Following are a few factors that you need to consider: 

Ball Capacity 

Finding a pickleball machine with the right amount of ball capacity is important. If the ball capacity of the machine is low, you will find yourself spending more time refilling than playing. 


When it comes to the portability of the machines, you need to consider wheels, size, and weight. For traveling to the court, you must pick a machine with greater portability.

Pickleball machines with greater weight and size will be hard to carry. Make sure to get a machine weighing around 20–30 lbs. What’s more, the bigger the wheels, the easier it is to carry.

Battery Life 

You must find a pickleball machine with a battery life of up to 10 to 12 hours. Besides, there are many decent machines with a battery life of 3–4 hours. There are many machines with external batteries as well as AC supplies. You don’t want your machine to run out of battery in the middle of practice.


Any pickleball player would love to control the elevation or speed of the ball from across the court. Even though many machines do not come with remote controls, you can always pay extra fees. Moreover, some machines can be controlled from remote apps. 


Before investing in any pickleball machine, it is best to pick a machine with 3-4 years of warranty. It is more affordable to get your machines repaired with a warranty. 

Tips to clean the pickleball machine.
Clean the ball throwing wheels regularly to remove the build-up of coloration from the balls.Use a cloth for the case. Do not use any chemicals.


From a buying guide to the best pickleball machines, we hope this article has helped you determine what is best for you. Buying a pickleball machine is indeed a huge investment. However, some investments that help you grow are worth it.


Are pickleball machines worth it?

Pickleball machines are an excellent investment if you want to improve your game. You can focus on improving your shots by practicing repeatedly. However, only relying on a pickleball machine may not be a great idea. Since you would not know if you were doing it the right way.

What is a pickleball machine?

It is an electronic device to throw the ball to the player. The machines vary from beginner-level to advanced-level, thus making them suitable for players of all skill levels.

Can I use a tennis ball machine for pickleball?

No, it is not beneficial to use a tennis ball machine. The pickleball machines are designed according to the pickleball game. Further, the major difference is the balls used. The tennis balls are comparatively heavy and made of rubber. Moreover, their bounce is higher than pickleball balls. These are smaller and light-weighted. 

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