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December 5, 2022
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We can say, among many other things, that an excellent factor contributing to your game is your pickleball shoes. Many tend to ignore the fact that they level up your game and decrease the chances of getting injured.

A good pickleball paddle can help you win the game, but can it protect you from an injury? That is where the best pickleball shoes come in! Even though there are no specific shoes designed for the fast-growing sport, however, there are shoes that are the right fit for this game.

The best court shoes for pickleball are the one that provides you with steady and stable movement around the court. Furthermore, shoes that ensure you will not twist your ankle while running around the court are considered excellent sportswear. 

To get you the best pickleball shoes, this article covers the following 

  • Best pickleball shoes for women 
  • Best pickleball shoes for men 
  • Buying Guide 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
Things to do before getting the best pickleball court shoes for playing Conduct extensive research Ask other players about their experience with particular shoes Consider the following before buying Your playing styleCourt’s Surface Shoes weightComfort

Best Women’s Pickleball Shoes

Asics Gel Resolution 8

Best Pickleball Shoes - Asics Gel Resolution 8 1024x609

Aisec Gel Resolution 8 shoes are the top-rated pickleball shoes for women. Not only are they the best women’s shoes for pickleball, but they are also the best choice for volleyball. What makes them best for both sports is their similar qualities, which ultimately make them the best choice for indoor pickleball.

Firstly, its traction is nothing short of amazing. Despite the different styles of play or even skills, the Asics Gel Resolution 8 provides you with maximum balance and less rigidity. With its gummy rubber sole, you will have the right amount of grip required for indoor hardwood floors.

Secondly, the level of comfort is always a priority, considering you have to wear the shoes for a long time. Its forefoot gel cushioning provides you with the comfort to last a longer period. Also, it acts as a shock absorbent that reduces the impact of the ground on your body. 

Thanks to its trusstic stabilizing technology, it offers stable and steady backward and forward movement. Not only this, but it also reduces the weight of the sole. 

Be it a professional player or a beginner, these shoes are the right choice for them! Asics Gel Resolution 8 is a great product for its value. 

Abrasion ResistantSmall Width
Maximum ProtectionVentilation 

Mizuno Wave Lightning z6

Best Pickleball Shoes - Mizuno Wave Lightning z6

Mizuno Wave Lightning z6 is one of the best pickleball shoes women’s choice. Also, it is very well known for its stability and comfort, making it the best women’s court shoes for pickleball. 

Even though they are somewhat pricey, the features of Mizuno Wave Lightning make them well worth it.

They take pride in their “Parallel Wave,” which is a shock absorbent that provides impact protection. Besides, it is also their cushioning system that gives ultimate comfort to the player. Not only this, but while the cushion is minimizing the effect of the impact, it also maximizes stability. 

Further, this new model provides more stability than its predecessors. The Parallel Wave Technology enhances the player’s lateral stability and quick movement while accelerating forward. 

Finally, about durability. With sensor points located at the heel, durability and stability are further enhanced. What’s more, for extra comfort, the upper is composed of mesh while the outsole has been widened. 

Finally, these Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 shoes are similar to ASICS Gel. 

Greater Stability Widened Size 
Extra Comfortable 
Better Shock Absorption 

Asics Upcourt 4

Best Pickleball Shoes - Asics Upcourt 4

Asics Upcourt 4 are the best shoes for pickleball women while also being the high-top pickleball shoes of the year. Even though they are designed for volleyball, some of their characteristics are similar to those of pickleball shoes. In addition to this, you can play multiple sports like badminton and squash in these. Moreover, they are more suitable for indoor gym flooring. 

Thanks to their lightweight, they are known as the best women’s shoes for pickleball. Furthermore, they have mesh panel segments for better ventilation. What’s more, the steady and stable grip enables the player to move without having to worry about slipping. The rubber gum sole is mainly responsible for this type of traction. 

Finally, synthetic leather is a huge factor contributing to maximum support and movement making them the best women’s pickleball shoes.

Good VentilationLess space for toes 
Maximum movement 

K-Swiss Hypercourt

Best Pickleball Shoes - K Swiss Hypercourt

K-Swiss Hypercourt shoes are considered to be good shoes for pickleball. They are known for three qualities: durability, comfort, and support.

One of the features that makes them the best shoes for playing pickleball is their durability is outstanding. These shoes are made to be wear-and-tear resistant, with a drag guard rubber sole, making them ideal for outdoor pickleball. More importantly, the piece of leather attached to the heel area enables the player to easily wear the shoes without any struggle.

The traction of these shoes provides maximum grip, enabling the player to move quickly around the court. In addition to that, with built-in cushioning insoles, you get maximum comfort. Thus, you can play pickleball for hours without feeling any discomfort. With the great qualities mentioned, they are a bit expensive.

However, these pickleball shoes feel bulkier than they actually are. Furthermore, they have a breathability issue. Last, due to their broad size, they are only good for people with wider feet.

Good durability Ventilation 
Maximum Comfort Wide size

New Balance 796 v2

Best Pickleball Shoes - New Balance 796 v2 1024x600

The New Balance 796 v2 are the best tennis shoes for pickleball. Thanks to the lightweight mesh and the new Balance REVlite foam compound, they are the most lightweight pickleball shoes.

What’s more, their ventilation is outstanding. More air can get in and out thanks to extra perforations on the upper and the no-sew feature.

Furthermore, their amazing traction makes them the best women’s court shoes for pickleball. In addition to that, their herringbone-patterned sole and Duradur rubber compound maximize traction with a good grip on the court surface. Also, it enables quick stopping and lateral movements. Furthermore, their thick synthetic soles provide a firm and stable foothold and support. However, they are somewhat narrow.

In conclusion, the New Balance 796 v2 is a great product at an affordable price.

Good VentilationNarrow

Best men’s pickleball shoes

ASICS Gel Challenger 12

Best Pickleball Shoes - ASICS Gel Challenger 12

The ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 is one of the best tennis shoes for pickleball and the best men’s pickleball shoes. To begin, its rearfoot and forefoot gel technology cushioning systems work together to provide maximum comfort. Thus, it is actually fun to wear these shoes. Second, if you are worried about your laces, these shoes come with a lace system that will keep you comfortable without having to worry about slipping. Not only this, but this provides the player with remarkable support.

Moreover, new shoes have a considerably long break-in time. But not this masterpiece! After only a few hours, you’ll be completely at ease.

Further, talking about their weight These shoes are as light as a feather thanks to their trusstic system technology. Is that not what any player wants? Even though lightweight shoes are more prone to abrasions, the creators of this model added AHAR Plus Outsole compound to the sides prone to abrasions—front and sides. Finally, let us discuss its most important feature: traction. Thanks to the pivot points on the outsole, you can move laterally and serve the way you want with a stronger-than-ever grip.

 However, even though there are some amazing qualities about these shoes, they do not come with a proper ventilation system.

Excellent Durability No Ventilation 
Good traction 
Good comfort 

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8

Best Pickleball Shoes - ASICS Mens Gel Resolution 8

The launch of men’s Gel Resolution 8 may be a great replacement for Asics’s FF 2. If you are a big fan of the gel product line, it is a great purchase at a very affordable cost. First, the Dynawall under the midfoot has combined flexibility and stability. What’s more, these pickleball shoes have an additional 7.2% braking force. As a result, there is no risk of injury from rolling your ankle while changing directions. Moreover, the PU star-like design on the upper has been proven to increase the flexibility of the shoe.

The stability of these shoes makes them the best men’s pickleball sneakers. Moreover, stability helps with constant changes of direction, sliding, and moving aggressively. If you are playing indoor pickleball, they are the perfect fit for you in terms of stability. Furthermore, there is hardly any possibility of the laces untying or slipping. Play without any worry!

In addition to stability, let’s talk about traction. The AHAR Plus outsole has been redesigned to give a better grip during sliding and braking. According to ASICS, the Gel-Resolution 8 has the most traction. 

Finally, the weight of the shoes is just right! Not too heavy or too light. Further, thanks to the lacing system, the shoes feel less heavy.

Good TractionNot for narrow toes 
Better Stability 
Better braking power 

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 10

Best Pickleball Shoes - ASICS Mens Gel Rocket 10

ASICS men’s Gel-Rocket 10 are one of the best pickleball sneakers. These are great for indoor hardwood flooring. Also, the model has a gummy rubber sole that provides maximum stability and flexibility. The strong grip due to the sole helps avoid slipping. Moreover, it also enables a smooth transition and lateral movements. Furthermore, with the greater grip provided by the sole, these shoes are perfect for smooth surfaces. Finally, they are not at all stiff!

What’s more, they are the top-rated pickleball shoes because their truss system technology combined with the Asics signature GEL technology cushioning system provides greater stability and comfort. Thus, due to the gel cushioning feature, you can play as long as you want without having to fear leg pain. Does that not count as an important view for the best men’s pickleball sneakers? 

ASICS men’s Gel-Rocket 10 shoes come in various designs and colors. You have many options that go well with your aesthetic.

Pros cons
Multiple Designs
Greater Stability 
Less Stiff Sole

Adidas Solematch Bounce

Best Pickleball Shoes - Adidas Solematch Bounce

If we talk about Adidas sole match bounce, we can say it is the top pickleball shoes men’s choice. These pickleball shoes are best known for their comfort, durability, and traction. 

Firstly, thanks to the ADIWEAR 6 outer soles, these shoes can survive the toughest of tough matches. Thus, being abrasion-resistant, these shoes are your best companion during lateral movement and serve on either a rough or smooth court. 

Finally, coming to the most important factor contributing to your game’s success is comfort level. According to Adidas, this model has the best cushioning system for the players. The memory foam ankle collar featured in the interior of the shoe enables the player to the maximum comfort level. 

Now, coming to the traction of these shoes. Professional Pickleball players and as well as tennis players are amazed by the exceptional quality of traction. Worried about rolling your ankle or slipping? The stability of midfoot got you covered.  In addition to that, Adidas Bounce foam acts as a shock absorbent and limits the impact on the foot.

Furthermore, the knitted upper of the shoes ensure a greater flow of air in and out of the shoe. However, these are not for people with narrow feet. 

Pros cons
Excellent Durability Not for people with narrow toes
Great Traction 
Good Comfort

K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express 2

Best Pickleball Shoes - K Swiss Mens Hypercourt Express 2 edited

K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express 2 happens to be one of the top men’s pickleball sneakers. Firstly, some of its features that stand out are; lightweight, ventilation, durability, and comfort. If you are a player who heavily relies on your toes, these are the best sneakers for pickleball for you! 

DragGuard technologies and DuraWrap Flex on the upper make sure that these shoes are guarded against any wear and tear. Again, this shields the forefront from any abrasions. Not only this, but it also provides protection for your foot. The DuraWrap Flex is best known for its support. 

Moreover, the lightweight of these shoes is something to talk about! Thanks to the Surgelite midsole unit for the cushioning system. Therefore, you can now move very smoothly on the court in any direction due to its lightweight. Besides that, it is also shock-absorbing and limits the impact on your feet. Thus, it enables you to play swiftly without any hindrance. 

Aside from durability and lightweight, thanks to the underlying mesh, there is proper ventilation. Also, you do not have to worry about the laces! With its stay-tied laces, you can now play pickleball for a longer time without having to tie them again and again.

What’s more, you will be saying goodbye to sweaty feet. Due to the Ortholite X40 underfoot padding, all the sweat is absorbed. If you are wondering about stability, these shoes have a 180-degree  Plantar Support Chasis at midfoot that provides the players with maximum stability.

Pros Cons
Great Durability Average Ventilation 
Stay-tied laces
Extra Comfortable 

Buying Guide: Find the Best Pickleball Shoes for Yourself

If you are reading this buying guide, we are sure you are convinced that a good pair of pickleball shoes will improve your performance and minimize the chances of getting injured. Here is the guide to help with your dilemma.

Playing Style

We narrowed down the two playing styles for you.

  • Playing around the baseline
  • Love volleying near the kitchen 

If you are someone who plays around the baseline, the shoes you should opt for must provide you with good cushioning, durability, and greater stability for lateral movement.

However, if you like volleying near the kitchen, we suggest you go for something with greater flexibility and a toecap with greater durability.

Type of Court

The type of court where you are playing pickleball is the most important factor you need to consider before buying the shoes.

If you play pickleball on hard surfaces, you should check the cushioning, durability, and traction of the shoes. The cushioning will act as a shock absorber while also providing comfort to the player. Further, durability accounts for the aggressive impact of the ground on the shoes. Lastly, traction enables the player to have a better grip on the ground to avoid injuries. Tennis shoes can be worn as an alternate option.  

However, there are shoes available that go with both indoor and outdoor courts.


Some of the best brands that have ideal pickleball shoes are listed below 

  1. Wilson Pickleball shoes
  2. Adidas 
  3. ASICS
  4. K-Swiss
  5. New Balance
  6. Babolat Pickleball Shoes
  7. Head Pickleball Shoes
Buying Tip:Check the shoe weight. If you buy a shoe that weighs more than a pound, you are going to get tired halfway through the game. Not only that, it also slows you down.

Conclusion on the Best Pickleball Shoes

In conclusion, it is now obvious how important shoes specifically for pickleball are. Therefore, running shoes may give you the speed and mobility you need for the game. However, they can’t assure safety and stability. Moreover, if you are not including the top pickleball shoes designed for men and women in your pickleball gear, we can guarantee you are missing out. Thus, to increase your overall performance with safety and stability, getting yourself a pair of shoes for pickleball won’t hurt.

 Finally, why jeopardize your entire pickleball career over a pair of running shoes when you can invest in far better? Besides that, we hope you are clear on what the best pickleball shoes are for you. Good luck! 


What kind of shoes should I wear to play pickleball?

Even though there are no particular shoes made for playing pickleball, there are shoes for volleyball or tennis with the same qualities that fall under the qualities of pickleball.
Below are a few important features to look for in the shoes

1. Cushioning – A shoe with responsive cushioning that effectively lowers the impact on the shoes is the one to opt for! The cushioning effect acts as a shock absorbent. 

2. Lateral Stability– Are you wondering what makes shoes better at lateral stability? Shoes with wide base and heel cup. All stable and steady. Pickleball requires some quick movement, thus this is the major factor contributing. 

3. Ventilation – Nobody wants their feet to suffocate, and therefore, that is when the proper ventilation of the shoes jumps in. An ideal pair of shoes must have proper ventilation and be able to absorb sweat, allowing it to quickly dry.

4. Traction – If you want to avoid injuries, you must have a good grip on the court. Therefore, it is best to opt for shoes with an outsole of rubber and, for multi-directional movement, a tread pattern design.

Do you need special shoes for pickleball?

There are no special shoes for pickleball as such, but we recommend you refrain from using running shoes. Instead of running shoes, court shoes are much better.

Because court shoes share the same features as pickleball shoes, they are considered ideal! Further, their lateral stability makes them perfect for pickleball. Due to their outsole, the court shoes have durability for both wood and rubber courts. They enable the player to move in many directions without any risk of slipping and twisting their ankles. What’s more, the court shoes provide the player with a greater grip on the court than running shoes.

Even though there are no special shoes for pickleball, the features or qualities required for pickleball play a major role.

Is there a difference between tennis shoes and pickleball shoes?

Yes, there is a difference between tennis shoes and pickleball shoes. Pickleball shoes and tennis shoes are somewhat similar and also different from each other. You can use tennis shoes only for outdoor pickleball. Tennis shoes are customized accordingly to the hard surface. While pickleball’s softer outsole provides maximum grip on indoor surfaces. Conclusively, we can say that tennis shoes are only suited for outdoor pickleball. 

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