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December 14, 2022
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• Nude pickleball

• Why are people playing pickleball naked?

• Nude pickleball is taking off and becoming popular

• What are nudist resorts?

• What is naturism?

• Should I try to play pickleball naked?

Florida is slowly becoming the hub for nude pickleball. Also, it has become a growing sporting event in other states, such as Tampa Bay. As a result, the demand from naturist clients for the sport is growing. And nudist resorts are obliging to these demands by creating tournaments and building new courts. 

When naturist clients have been asked, everyone has always said they prefer playing pickleball, Naked. The cool breeze and no-clothings make it enjoyable and comfortable.

Naked pickleball can become an intriguing sport – it could become attractive for tourists who would love to spice up their vacation or holiday. There are a few locations that are established with the nude pickleball sport. Some of them are:

• Alpenglow ranch

• Cypress cove nudist resort

• Eden RV resort

Info: if you are going to play the game, you should apply a sun tan.

Lately, the sport has been welcomed as part of the pickleball world. Places such as the resorts mentioned above have invested resources to purchase ball machines and paddles to train new players. All the players require is for them to come with their tennis shoes.

Nude pickleball - naked pickleball

Why are people playing pickleball naked?

No clothing on an open court with the cool breeze playing on your skin is comforting for nudists and naturists. Many people are more comfortable when they are naked, but they only feel comfortable being naked indoors. 

Playing nude pickleball with other nudists provides the best chance for closet nudists to be free and express themselves. In addition, research shows that the game could be an excellent way for athletes to improve their performance. 

This game suits people who enjoy being connected to nature – naturists enjoy playing pickleball nude. It allows them to connect with their inner self; trees, the breeze, and the sun.

In addition, nudists have spoken about how they are more confident in themselves when they have no clothes on. This is their chance to feel as confident as they want to without discrimination. Also, it can be the perfect way for people who are less comfortable in their skin to express themselves.

Naturists believe there is no better way to improve your comfort with someone than being naked with the person. Playing naked pickleball could be the spark couples need to strengthen their bond.

Nude pickleball also represents a great way for friends to have fun together during the summer. Friends on holiday from college can gather together and play nude pickleball.

Furthermore, playing pickleball with others eliminates the social status that comes with clothing. No one is wearing designer clothing to make you feel like you are underachieving. Being naked will rightly protect your self-esteem.

Recently, a Florida-based man organized a nude pickleball tournament. This event was held on the 4th of July, with a massive turnout of players. It was a chance for nudists/naturists to compete with like-minded people while having fun. 

This game used to be for seniors. But nudist resorts have transformed it into a sport after two couples on vacation from England played pickleball naked on a tennis court. This was 14 years ago – currently, cypress cove has about six pickleball courts. 

The sport has grown so much that people now pay dues to have regular access to courts. Cypress cove has stated that they have over 172 registered naked pickleball players. 

According to Mike Sullivan (USA pickleball ambassador), this sport is snowballing in Florida and other regions. Due to the sport’s growing popularity, lots of nudist resorts are building courts to accommodate players.

Info: from 2019 – 2020, participation in nude pickleball has grown by 21.3%. In Axios sports Kendall Baker’s reports, it was declared the fastest-growing sport in America.

What are nudist resorts?

Nude pickleball - nudist resorts

A nudist resort is the same as a regular resort. However such a place encourages people to do away with their clothing. Residents of these resorts are not forced but encouraged to embrace nudity. This is rightly communicated to guests, Although most of them are nudists. 

Most nudist resorts around have a rule restricting someone below 18 from entering the resort. However, the resorts are open to couples and single people who want to relax and cool off from a stressful week. 

Sometimes, non-binaries are also residents of nudist resorts. In addition, games such as volleyball and pool parties are organized to keep residents entertained. 

Lately, some resorts now organize nude pickleball tournaments. 

Residents of the resort can compete against each other for several prizes. One of the most popular resorts that do this is the cypress cove nudist resort. These people decide to live there to stay away from other communities so they can avoid discrimination. Many people that visit nudist resorts do so because it gives them a chance to be comfortable in their skin. Some other people do it for the fun of it.

Subsequently, these resorts have welcomed naturists who want to connect with nature. Most resorts have rules restricting visitors from engaging in sexual activities in public. However, residents are allowed to do whatever they like behind closed doors.

What is a naturist?

There are a lot of similarities between someone who is a naturist and someone who is a nudist. The difference is a naturist goes nude for health or religious purposes. These people believe they are created to be naked to connect with nature or God. 

Sometimes, naturists organized camping programs. This is a chance for them to meet and be in the same space with like-minded people. They get to free their mind and body and let the breeze play with their hair and skin.

They also organize games that are played naked. For example, one of the growing games among nudists and naturists is nude pickleball. These people can have fun while being competitive and trying to win.

Several benefits are attached to being a naturist. First, being in the same space with people of the same orientation will give you confidence. It will help you feel better about your body and your skin. It is also beneficial for people’s mental health.

It is important to note that most naturist societies do not engage in sexual activities. Instead, they mostly encourage self-respect, respect for others, and your environment.

“Each country has its own kind of naturism. Each club has its own special characters. Also, human beings have their own character which is reflected in our surroundings” – Naturist Federation.

In a naturist society, they use words like textile or textilist to refer to someone who is not a naturist.

Should I try to play pickleball naked?

Nude pickleball - Should I try to play pickleball naked

This sport is growing in the United States of America, and it is attracting people from all age groups. Before, older adults were the ones more open to the sport.

However, young and active adults have adopted the game and play with their friends. So you can ask your friends to try it out with you. It can be a form of relaxation or taking in the sun and breeze.

Info: all rules of pickleball apply to this game.


This article talks about nude pickleball and explains in depth the growth of the game. It also discusses what being a nudist or naturalist means. We believe we have touched on all aspects of naked pickleball.

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