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January 2, 2023
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With growing competition in this popular sport, everyone wants to ace their pickleball game. What’s more, players now spend hours practicing pickleball, perfecting their shots. Besides hands-on experience, watching pickleball tournaments can also improve your game. But a little reading won’t hurt. 

Even though practice is essential, reading pickleball books on strategies and tips can enhance your game further. The player develops an understanding of the game. Moreover, with a good grasp of concepts, you can put them to use in your practice.

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  • Types of Pickleball Books
  • The Best Books on Pickleball

Types of pickleball books

There are pickleball books available for all players from beginner level to advanced level. The range of books on pickleball books is diverse. 

Following are the type of pickleball books available 

  1. Beginner Level Books 
  2. Strategies and Tips 
  3. The pickleball psychology

Beginner-Level Books 

The beginner-level books are pickleball rules books. Besides, the rules of pickleball, these types of books include all the fundamental knowledge there is to know. Like the type of shots, and beginner-level tactics. 

Strategies & Tips Books 

If you have already advanced in your pickleball game, strategy books are a great help! They explain all the amazing shots and moves you can play against your opponent. Not only that, these include when and how to use what move. Read and implement these in your next game! 

Pickleball Psychology 

Many people focus on reading books on the best strategies they could use. However, pickleball psychology books are just as important. These books focus on the player’s mental aspects. Having faith in yourself and focusing on the game is just as important as having game strategies.

Tip to Improve Your Mental Game in Pickleball 
Do not doubt yourself. Lower your expectations.This will help you reduce any pressure you have before or during the game. Focus on you playing the game.

Best Books On Pickleball

We have to find some of the best books on pickleball. These are famous for their in-depth explanations of the game and strategies. Continue reading to learn more! 

How to Play Pickleball: The Complete Guide from A to Z

Pickleball Books - How to Play Pickleball The Complete Guide from A to Z 683x1024

How to Play Pickleball: The Complete Guide from A to Z is co-authored by Joe Baker and well-known pickleball trainer, Coach Mo. First, this is the most recent publication on how to play pickleball book. This book emphasizes shot technique, smart play, and the position of the player. Coach Mo has penned down all the strategies taught and learned over the years of training. What’s more, this book is useful for all levels of players. whether you’re a beginner or an expert. You can learn everything from the fundamental rules and techniques to advanced-level strategies in pickleball. As a result, you can say it can take you from a beginner-level player to an advanced-level player. This book also includes pictures and demonstrations of the text for the player’s convenience.

In addition to pictures, the text is easy to understand for a quick grasp of the concepts. All the shot and stroke techniques are explained in detail with the help of a diagram. It is a very important phase of the pickleball game.  Last, this book is humorous and creative, so you would get hooked on reading it.

History of Pickleball: More Than 50 Years of Fun!

Pickleball Books - History of Pickleball More Than 50 Years of Fun

Pickleball might be your favorite sport, but do you know the history of pickleball? Undeniably, this book is rather different from other pickleball books that include pickleball strategy. The co-authors of the book History of Pickleball: More Than 50 Years of Fun are Jennifer Lucore and Beverly Youngren. Beverly Youngren is well-known for her time as a member of the USAPA Ambassadors. Jennifer Lucore was well-known for being the seventeenth USAPA National Champion. After three years of research, they finally penned down the history of pickleball from 1965 to the present. They have compiled the stories of other players and their own experiences. Their book includes all there is to know about the history of pickleball. If you want to know how pickleball came into being or how it became so popular, give this book a read!

The Art of Pickleball

Pickleball Books - The Art of Pickleball

The Art of Pickleball book was the best-selling smart pickleball book on Amazon. This pickleball rule book was written by Gale Leach. The Art of Pickleball pretty much covers every fundamental thing there is to know about pickleball. From what are some best gears you need to have to all the strategies applied by professional players. This book will make you question this, “where to buy pickleball rule book?” The Art of Pickleball is a much more detailed guide than any official pickleball rule book out there. Moreover, this book talks about the psychological aspects of pickleball and the game mindset. 

To keep you from getting bored, this book has engaging content with interactive features like quizzes. In addition to that, for better understanding, there are diagrams and illustrations. Moreover, if you are having a problem with any step, there are pictures providing step-by-step guidelines. Since stroke techniques are an important part of the game, it has a great explanation for techniques. Finally, You can master any technique and implement any strategy with extremely easy-to-understand concepts. 

The Pickle Ball Bible

Pickleball Books - The Pickle Ball Bible 1

The Pickle ball Bible is written by Dr. Rick Lambson, Tim Finger, and Robert Thompson. This book is perfect for any beginner to intermediate-level player. Besides the basic rules of pickleball, it included the fundamentals like serving and all the shots. In addition to that, it has information about the mental aspect of pickleball. It has a great explanation of how to withstand the pressure during the game. Lastly, this book is sort of like a workbook. You can learn the basics of pickleball and record your progress with the help of scorecards.

Pickleball Fundamentals

Pickleball Books - Pickleball Fundamentals edited

The Pickleball Fundamentals by Marry Littlewood is considered the best pickleball rule book ever written. While reading, there are more than 40 activities that will boost your game skills. USAPA endorsed the Pickleball Fundamentals. Moreover, it introduces players to the basic concepts of pickleball. Besides that, it explains the different types of shots and how to play them. If you are a beginner, this book will teach more than just the fundamentals. Want to learn how to serve? This is a great read for that.

Pickleball Zen – The Inner Game

Pickleball Books - Pickleball Zen – The Inner Game edited

Pickleball Zen by Paul Hudanich is a great pickleball book that focuses on the mental aspects of the player during the game. Keeping your head in the game is much more than just focusing. This book is also your mental coach, which will help you win the game. Further, this is not very comprehensive but provides the player with extensive guidelines.

Mind Game: A Quantum Performance Leap for Competitive Pickleball and Tennis

Pickleball Books - Mind Game A Quantum Performance Leap for Competitive Pickleball and Tennis

Mind Game is a creation of Neil Schulenburg. In addition to being a pickleball player, he was also a psychotherapist. Cathy Foley, Allison Cox, and Lorraine Coiro are co-author of this great book. This book focuses on the mindset of the pickleball player. Most importantly, it emphasizes the mental aspect of pickleball. It teaches about sports psychology involved in pickleball. This pickleball book is known to improve the focus of the player.

This book is your best friend when it comes to a mental coach. It teaches things like discipline, focus, and the right mindset before your step on the field. If you are unable to cope with defeat, Mind Game is the book for you. It is concise yet efficient. The psychology of a player is a crucial part of the game. Once you learn to manage, you can ace pickleball.

At the Line – The Winning Doubles Pickleball Strategy

Pickleball Books - At the Line – The Winning Doubles Pickleball Strategy

At the Line—The Winning Doubles Pickleball Strategy is written by Joe Baker, a well-known mechanical engineer. Besides this book, his pickleball strategy videos are well-known across the globe. Furthermore, it is one of the best pickleball books, known for its strategies for doubles. It focuses on both singles and doubles strategies. What’s more, it is beneficial for beginners as well as advanced-level players. This book provides clear guidance on teamwork strategies and the best ways to win doubles. In addition to that, this pickleball book includes interactive features like quizzes and a recap after each chapter. This helps ensure that knowledge is enforced in one’s mind. Also, this book covers every detail and phase of strategies throughout the game. Finally, this book is detailed and comprehensive but would not take much of your time.

Inside The Game: The Madness, Metrics, and Methods of Winning Pickleball

Pickleball Books - Inside The Game The Madness Metrics and Methods of Winning Pickleball

Inside the Game by Steven Pustay is another marvel that USAPA endorses. First, it is based on real-life experience, as it includes the interviews of 15 professional players. To get you as accurate as possible statistics on how you can win the game, this book also covers the things to avoid during the game. The drills and practice in this book will improve your game remarkably. Every strategy and move is backed up by data derived from personal experiences. Thus, it makes it easier for the player to put any strategy into use. Further, it explains in detail stroke errors, the player’s position, and the accuracy of striking the ball. This pickleball book is a must-read to improve your game strategy.

Pickleball 5.0: A Journey from 2.0 to 5.0

Pickleball Books - Pickleball 5.0 A Journey from 2.0 to 5.0

Pickleball 5.0 is a great read, written by Phil Dunmeyer. With 37 years of experience playing and teaching pickleball, he penned down all the basics and strategies of pickleball. Additionally, this book is suitable for all levels of pickleball players. From court etiquette to how to serve, this book is one of the best pickleball books out there. What’s more, with its drills, it can teach you both the basics and pro-level skills that will help you become a professional player. If you are new to pickleball, you better believe this book can take you from level 2.0 to level 5.0. Lastly, it is easy to understand.

Smart Pickleball: The Pickleball Guru’s Guide

Pickleball Books - Smart Pickleball The Pickleball Gurus Guide edited

Smart Pickleball is a pickleball classic that focuses on how a pickleball player can win all the strategic shots he makes. Further, it is written by Prem Carnot, who is a coach and player himself. With all these years of experience, Prem Carnot wrote about the basics, like how to serve, and advanced techniques that polish your skills. Secondly, with the informative drills in this book, you can improve your pickleball game to a greater extent. Smart Pickleball Book contains all of the tips and strategies you can use. Like the name says, with all the personal experiences and case studies, you can learn to play pickleball in a smart way.


Pickleball Books - Pickleball Pointers A PLAYERS GUIDE TO IMPROVING YOUR SKILLS edited

This masterpiece by Ron Elbe is best for every level of player. First, Pickleball Pointers explains the errors pickleball players most likely make. As a matter of fact, it also explains in great detail how to avoid them. Second, this book is best for doubles as it focuses on teamwork tactics as well. Further, it talks about some of the great equipment you must have. It may not tell much about the how-to of pickleball, but it is a great pickleball book to improve skills. Lastly, this book also focuses on the psychological aspects of the game.


With the ever-growing popularity of pickleball as a sport, there are new books being published. Learning and researching about a sport will make you better at that sport. Although practice makes you better, knowing about sports makes you even better. Further, challenging yourself mentally and physically for any sport will polish your skills and speed up your growth. 

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