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March 9, 2023
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As pickleball continues to grow in popularity, more and more people are starting to play the game. What’s surprising is that, due to this sport’s growth, now all the pickleball courts are full. Now, whether it is outdoors or indoors, you will hardly find a spot. Either you can waste your day waiting for your turn or you can build your pickleball court. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

We are sure you are wondering if it is possible. Yes, it is! With the right dimensions and marking, you can now build your own pickleball court in backyard.

If you have a great budget, we recommend hiring professionals. However, if you are building it for personal use in the backyard, continue reading to learn how to build a pickleball court in backyard.

According to New York Times,When pickleball players in Exeter, N.H., petitioned to convert three of the town’s eight public tennis courts, tensions flared at a town meeting in what one resident called “The Great Tennis v. Pickleball War of 2022.” Martina Navratilova, the winner of 59 Grand Slam tennis titles, weighed in on the kerfuffle in Exeter: “I say if pickleball is that popular let them build their own courts,” she said on Twitter.

This pickleball article covers the following:

  • A how-to guide on building a pickleball court.
  • Some frequently asked questions.

Step-by-Step Guide on Building a Pickleball Court In Backyard


There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to the space for the pickleball court in backyard. Either you can build all four pickleball courts or just one for your personal use. Since it depends on the space you have. If you already have a tennis court, you’re in luck because four pickleball courts can fit on it. However, if you do not check your yard space to see if you have enough space for a pickleball court. Furthermore, the dimensions of the pickleball court are 20 inches by 40 inches. Besides marking this space, you should leave a few inches extra reserved for entry. 

Another thing that is essential when it comes to building a court is its position. You must make your court in the north-south direction. What’s more, because of the position of the sun, shadowing might be a problem you face during the day. Don’t worry if you do not have the court in the right position. You can look out for the space to see if there is anything that will prove to be a problem while you play. 


When it comes to the surface of the court, you have the following options:

  1. Concrete
  2. Grass
  3. Tennis Court Surface

You can choose any depending on the space and your affordability. 


The best thing you could choose for your court surface is concrete. Moreover, it is much like that a tennis court. If you played in any gym or recreational center, you would be used to that surface. What’s more, out of all three, concrete is an excellent choice.

Considering you are building it in your backyard, you might already have a concrete space. What’s best about this is that it is cost-effective.

If concrete is not in your budget, there are many other options. As an example, consider asphalt and tar. Even though they are not the best alternative, they are good enough if you are trying not to spend too much.


Initially, playing pickleball on grass may sound crazy, but it is possible. Moreover, this option is very cost-effective. You will have to mow your grass for a smooth surface. Over time, the wear and tear will make it even better. However, you will need to mow the grass now and then to keep it low and smooth.

Tennis Court Surface

Lucky you if you have a tennis court in your backyard. The tennis court surface is similar to that of pickleball. Moreover, you will find these in many parks and recreational centers. It will take you time to get used to the markings, but with practice, you will ace it.


A perimeter fence is essential for playing pickleball. If you do not have a fence, you are in trouble. Trust us, no one likes to run after to get the ball. Moreover, you are more likely to get tired of collecting the ball than playing the game. Hence, you should get perimeter fencing.

The standard dimension for the fence is 10 inches high. Moreover, it will cover all sides of the court with an entry door. Lastly, if you are low on budget, you can make it slightly lower.

We recommend hiring a professional for this task if you can. Hence, the fence will be accurately built, and you will not face any trouble 

In addition to that, the best choice for fencing is to opt for wire. However, you have to make sure the wires do not rust, as it will be a safety hazard for you. Lastly, since pickleball is a great way to socialize, you could talk to other players through the wire fencing. What’s more, the coach can guide you through the game.

Pickleball Lines and Markers

You can either paint permanent pickleball lines or make do with chalk. However, the former will take years before it is redone. while the latter requires a redo every other week depending on the wear and tear during the game.

You can either choose acrylic paint, chalk or masking tape. Make sure the lines have a width of at least 2 inches and are bright white. The white helps you see the lines against the court much more clearly.

To make lines on the grass, you can stake the tape into the ground. 

The Baselines

The baselines are those lines that are parallel to the net. You will have to mark a baseline on both sides of the net. The length of these is the same as that of the net. 

The Sidelines

Make sidelines perpendicular to the nets. Also, you have to connect them with the baselines. 

The Non-Volley Lines

You have to mark the non-volley line on both sides of the nets like baselines. However, the non-volley lines are to be marked 7 feet away. Like baselines, they are also parallel to the net. 

The Centre Lines

These lines are on both sides of the court. It runs through the center of the court. Moreover, it is connected to the baseline and non-volley lines.

The Non-Volley Zone

This zone is also known as “The Kitchen.” It is formed through non-volley lines and sidelines. It is the zone right in front of the net on both sides.

The Service Court

The service court is present on both sides of the court. You do not necessarily have to mark it since it is already marked by baselines, volley lines, and sidelines. These lines together make a service court. 

The Pickleball Net

If you have done everything mentioned above, it is time to put a net in your court. You can put the net before or after the markings according to your ease. You can either put on a portable pickleball net or a permanent one. 

The Dimension Of The Pickleball Net

The standard dimensions to be followed are 21 feet and 9 inches for the length of the net. The pickleball net will be 36 inches high at the ends and 34 inches at the center. For the net to be taut, it is tied to the posts.

The Post

To set up the post, we suggest hiring a contractor to do it. Since they know what they are doing, the post-setup would be more stable. Yes, you can do it on your own as well. The posts are supposed to be 50 inches long. Moreover, the sleeves make the posts more stable. Make sure to find the best available on the market to properly hold your net.

You can buy whichever nets are more suitable for your needs. There are many affordable yet top-notch-quality nets available.

Do You Want To Play Pickleball At Night?

It is true that you may not get time to play pickleball during the daytime. Hence, many of us enjoy playing at night. It is critical to install lights when constructing a pickleball court.

Light poles can be placed in the center and at the back of the court. Your light pole needs to be at least 20 feet high. When placing them at the back of the court, place them approximately 20 inches from the court. Lastly, for better light quality, use 1.500 Watts of the light bulb. 


Now that we have explained how to build a pickleball court in your backyard, it’s up to you to put them into action. Go get yourself all the pickleball equipment you require before you get on that court. Don’t forget to have fun!


Can you make a pickleball court in your backyard?

You can play pickleball anywhere as long as the surface is flat. However, it is best played on surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or a hard synthetic surface. With the right dimensions and markings, you can have yourself a pickleball court in your backyard.

How much does it cost to put up a pickleball court?

It costs around $15 to $40 per square foot to set up a court. Calculating it following the standard dimensions, it would cost around $45,000 for a 30-inch by 60-inch pickleball court.

What is the cheapest way to build a pickleball court?

The cheapest way you can build a pickleball court is by choosing a cost-effective court surface. Using an acrylic hard court system as a court surface will cost you less than before. Furthermore, you can add a premium ProCushions system, followed by the surface.

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