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Sana Sabir
February 25, 2023
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If you’re a pickleball player, you know that having the proper gear can create all the difference in the play. And while many players focus on finding the perfect paddle or shoes, pickleball gloves are one of the pieces of gear that are often overlooked.

Wondering why?

The best pickleball gloves can give you a better grip, reduce the risk of blisters, and even improve your swing. With so many different types of hand protection available today, it can be challenging to determine where to begin. This is the reason why I’ve put together this guide to the best ladies pickleball gloves and pickleball gloves for men available today.

Whether you’re a pro player or just about to play your first game tomorrow, I’ve got you covered with my personal recommendations for both men and women.

So, let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Do you want a top-notch leather material, and full-fingered paddle protection? Check out the Franklin Sports Pickleball-X Performance Glove, one of the most comfortable options out there available today.
  • If you are searching for an item that offers excellent grip and durability, choose no option other than Wilson Clutch Racquetball Glove.
  • Need one made from leather and synthetic materials, which offers comfort and durability? Gearbox Movement is the best option.
  • While choosing a paddle cover, consider your specific playing styles and preferences.

Best Pickleball Gloves

When it comes to choosing the best pickleball gloves, there are a lot of factors to consider. Well… don’t stress out just yet!

To help you decide, here are my suggestions based on individual experience and market study:

Franklin Sports Pickleball-X Performance Glove

Pickleball gloves - Franklin Sports Pickleball X Performance Glove

Still, searching for the best hand protection? Here you go with the one that tops the list: Franklin Sports Pickleball-X Performance.

The Performance-X is a fingerless glove designed specifically for sports players. It’s made from a combination of high-quality materials, including a synthetic leather palm and a mesh back, which helps to keep your hand cool and dry during intense gameplay.

The palm of the glove covers a special honeycomb pattern that provides an excellent grip on the paddle, and the material itself is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Features that I Like:

One of the key features of the X Performance’s glove is adjustable wrist closure, which enables players to customize the hand fitting. This helps to ensure a secure fit and prevent the glove from slipping during play.

Another feature that you can’t ignore is its durability as it is perfect for the long run. So, if you’re searching for anything which lasts for a long time, this has to be your pick!

If you want to choose this product, click on this link.

Best Pickleball Glove for Women

While many options out there are unisex, some are specifically tailored to fit women’s hands. Ladies pickleball gloves should be comfortable and durable and provide a secure grip on the paddle without being too bulky or restricting movement. 

With these factors in mind, I have created the following list of the best ladies pickleball gloves.

Let’s dig in!

Wilson Clutch Racquetball Glove

Pickleball gloves - Wilson Clutch Racquetball Glove

It is popular because of its exceptional hold and durability. The glove is a blend of leather and synthetic materials, so you can surely feel the comfort and experience the flexibility that comes with it. Besides that, you can also have easy control over your shots, thanks to the leather material again.

Benefits of Using:

There are a few to note:

  • Wilson Clutch has extra padding, which means more protection for your hand during playtime.
  • This product has a unique design with a three-dimensional pattern on the back of the hand, which not only looks stylish but also enhances breathability.
  • It is adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit accordingly.

What’s there to Dislike about this Product?

Some players have noted that the Wilson Clutch Racquetball can feel a bit bulky, affecting their range of motion and making it harder to perform certain shots. Also, the extra padding on the palm and fingers can make it harder to feel the paddle, which some players find off-putting.

Check out this link to get more info on this product.

ProKennex Pure 1 Racquetball Glove

Pickleball gloves - ProKennex Pure 1 Racquetball Glove

Skimming for a premium quality glove? Here it comes!

The Prokennex Pure 1 is another great option to pick. This high-performance glove offers a great racquet feel, thanks to its premium Pittard’s quartz Cabretta Leather contraction. Additionally, each finger of the product is made with engineered boxed sheepskin leather and microchannel lycra to create a custom reflex fit. 

All in all, it is comfortable and flexible.

The glove also features a neoprene knuckle pad, providing extra comfort and protection. This material is typically known for its durability and resistance to water and oil, making it an ideal addition to an athletic product.

Some Fantastic Features:

  • Innovative design. 
  • Seamless construction technique.
  • Super comfortable fit.
  • Adjustable closure system.
  • Form-fitting design.

Why do Players Prefer ProKennex Pro 1?

If you ask me and based on my observations, many players favor this product because of its superb grip and comfort. Players can keep control of their shots even during frantic rallies thanks to the tacky grip solution on the leather palm. On the other hand, the seamless design and breathable mesh backing offer a snug and comfortable fit.

If you want to purchase this, visit the link here.

HEAD AirFlow Tour Racquetball Glove

Pickleball gloves - HEAD AirFlow Tour Racquetball Glove

Are you tired of sweaty palms ruining your game? Well… to be frank, you need to change your glove and look into the HEAD AirFlow Tour Racquetball. This product is a must-have for players who demand comfort and breathability from their gear.

Crafted from premium perforated Cabretta leather, HEAD AirFlow allows air to flow through it, keeping your hands cool and dry during the toughest matches. The result? An unbeatable grip and feel can take your game to the next level.

Wait, that’s not all!

Airprene technology in this product offers increased knuckle protection and ventilation. Plus, the nylon mesh Lycra backing ensures the glove fits like a second skin while maximizing airflow.


  • It comes in an affordable price range
  • Available in three different colors, ‎White, Black, and Orange
  • Lightweight
  • Different designs to choose from


  • Not so durable

So if you’re looking for pickleball gloves womens love the most, I bet you’d love this one. It is best to beat the heat and take your game to new heights. So you should try the HEAD AirFlow! (thank me later)

Interested in purchasing? Check out this link.

Best Fingerless Pickleball Gloves

Looking for pickleball gloves for men? Or the best fingerless options available today?

Choosing the best fingerless protection ultimately comes from personal preference. Whether you prioritize comfort, durability, or style, a glove exists for you.

Here are some of the best:

Pickleball gloves - Tourna Sports Pickleball Glove edited 2

Tourna Sports Pickleball Glove

This fingerless product, made from synthetic leather, offers a comfortable and durable grip. The perforated palm and fingers allow breathability, while the wrist closure ensures a secure fit.

Men’s Beastmode Half-Finger Fitness Gloves

Pickleball gloves - Mens Beastmode Half Finger Fitness Gloves edited 1

If you’re looking for the best pickleball gloves for men, do give it a try!

The Gearbox Movement is a favorite of many serious players (including my friend). This glove, made from high-quality leather and synthetic materials, provides outstanding durability and comfort.

Also, let’s not forget its fingerless construction, which provides more feel and flexibility, whereas its thumb and wrist sections provide extra protection. 

You can buy it using this link.

Pickleball gloves - Adidas Scorch Destroy 2 Lineman Adult Gloves edited

Adidas Scorch Destroy 2 Lineman Adult Gloves

If you’re looking for a product that can withstand the elements, you cannot miss out on the Adidas Scorch Destroy 2. A mixture of Synthetic material, this glove is both lightweight and water-resistant.

Use this link to buy it on Amazon. 


Do I need a pickleball glove?

I’ll say using pickleball gloves is not mandatory, but again, you can also not deny the many benefits it offers a player. 

For instance, a good padded one can provide additional grip, reduce the risk of blisters and calluses, absorb sweat to help prevent the paddle from slipping, and provide a layer of protection against impact and abrasion.

That being said, wearing a glove or not ultimately comes down to how you prefer to play pickleball. For many of you, hand protection may feel uncomfortable or too constricting, but the rest of you may also prefer the tactile feedback of playing without a glove.

So, it’s YOU who determine!

Can you wear a glove in pickleball?

The answer is a big YES!

Players can wear gloves in pickleball. In fact, gloves specifically designed for this game are becoming increasingly popular among players of all skill levels considering their advantages.

Not to mention, you should also consider certain guidelines for wearing gloves. So, if you choose to wear one in pickleball, select an option specifically designed for the sport and follow the guidelines set forth by the USA Pickleball Association and other governing bodies to ensure safety and fair play.

Bottom Line: Choosing Pickleball Gloves

Gearing up with the best pickleball gloves can significantly enhance your game and provide a comfortable grip, added protection, and better performance.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, there’s an option out there to fit your needs and preferences. From top-of-the-line full-fingered gloves like the Franklin Sports Pickleball-X Performance Glove to highly breathable fingerless gloves like the Tourna Sports, you’ll surely find the perfect fit for you.

So, gear up and get ready to dominate the court with the right Pickleball Glove!

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