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March 15, 2023
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If you are reading this, then you must be playing pickleball on the doubles team. Also, you need a unique and entertaining pickleball team name, whether you are competing in a huge team event or simply for your doubles team. Moreover, you need to choose a pickleball team name that is creative enough to instill fear in the opponent’s heart. In addition to that, we know that choosing a name for a team is very tricky. Hence, continue reading the article further to get yourself some funny pickleball team names.

This pickleball team name article covers the following in detail:

  • 200+ creative pickleball team names
  • How can you come up with the best pickleball team names?
  • Frequently asked questions

Some Pickleball Team Names We Absolutely Love

From A-Z, we’ve got you some creative pickleball team names that we are sure you will love.

  1. A Stiff Dink
  2. Ace Bandages
  3. Ace Breakers
  4. Ace Dinkers
  5. Ace Holes
  6. Ace Kickers
  7. Ace Whoppers
  8. Acers
  9. Aces
  10. All Aces
  11. Amazing Aces
  12. Around the Posters
  13. Baby Got Backhand
  14. Baby Got swing
  15. Backhanded Compliments
  16. Ball Busters
  17. Ball Whackers
  18. Bangers
  19. Bert and Erne
  20. Big Dills
  21. Big Shots
  22. Blinky Dinks
  23. Born to Rally
  24. Brew Crew
  25. Casual Sets
  26. Come Back Girls
  27. Cooking in the Kitchen
  28. Court Jesters
  29. Court’s In Session
  30. Dare Doubles
  31. Designated Dinkers
  32. Dink Crew
  33. Dink to Win
  34. Dinkasaurs
  35. Dink Club 
  36. Dinkers
  37. Dinking Divas
  38. Dinking Duo
  39. Dinking for Dollars
  40. Dinking Problems
  41. Double Shots
  42. Double The Fun
  43. Double Trouble
  44. Double Vision
  45. Dream Team
  46. Drop Shot Divas
  47. Drop Shot Duo
  48. Drop Shots
  49. Eat, Dink, and Be Merry
  50. Everlasting Lobstoppers
  51. Everything But The Kitchen Dink
  52. Everything but the Kitchen Dink
  53. Fickle Pickles
  54. Fine Whines
  55. Full Metal Paddles
  56. Game on
  57. Get A Grip
  58. Get a Grip
  59. Get Out Of The Kitchen
  60. Grand Slammers
  61. Grip n’ Rip
  62. Hall of Framers
  63. Haven’t Slept A Dink
  64. Heavy Dinkers
  65. Heavy Hitters
  66. High Fives
  67. Hit and Run
  68. Hit for Brains
  69. Hit me with Your Best Shot
  70. Hit Men
  71. Hot Shots
  72. Hustlers
  73. I
  74. I Have a Dinking Problem
  75. In A Pickle
  76. In a Pickle
  77. Internetters
  78. Jolley Volleys
  79. Kind of a Big Dill
  80. Kings Of The Court
  81. Kings of the Court
  82. Kinky Dinkers
  83. Kinky Dinking
  84. Kinky Dinky
  85. Kinky Sets
  86. Kiss My Ace
  87. Kitchen Cleaners
  88. Kitchen Dinks
  89. Kitchen Killers
  90. Let’s go!
  91. Little Does One Dink
  92. Living Legends
  93. Lobbing Larry’s
  94. Lobstoppers
  95. Made You Dink
  96. Match Makers
  97. Match Points
  98. Mature Swingers
  99. Meet Your Match
  100. Mid Court Crisis
  101. Mid-Court Crisis
  102. Mid-court Crisis
  103. Miss Hits
  104. Missing Dinks
  105. Mixed Nuts
  106. Nasty Nelsons
  107. Net Assets
  108. Net Nuts
  109. Net Prophets
  110. Net-Results
  111. Net Setters
  112. Nice Aces
  113. No Faults
  114. No Strings Attached
  115. No-Fault Hot Shots
  116. Not My Fault
  117. Not Our Fault
  118. Not Today
  119. One Hit Wonders
  120. Out of the Kitchen
  121. Paddle Battlers
  122. Paddle Masters
  123. Paddle People
  124. Paddle Tappers
  125. Pickadillies
  126. Pickilicious
  127. Pickle Eaters
  128. Pickle Pros
  129. Pickle Slicers
  130. Pickleball Aces
  131. Pickleball Addicts
  132. Pickleball Bashers
  133. Pickleball Crushers
  134. Pickleball Heroes
  135. Pickleball Kamikazies
  136. Pickleball Legends
  137. Pickleball Lunatics
  138. Pickleball Rebels
  139. Pickleball Slammers
  140. Pickleball Slayers
  141. Pickleball Stars
  142. Pickleball United
  143. Pickleball Warriors
  144. Picklebility
  145. Picklers Play
  146. Picklicious
  147. Pickloholics
  148. Pink Dinks
  149. Poachers
  150. Positively Pickled
  151. Proud Picklers
  152. Queens Of The Court
  153. Queens of the Court
  154. Real Dills
  155. Red Lobsters
  156. Refuse to Lose
  157. Responsible Dinkers
  158. Scared Hitless
  159. Screw Balls
  160. Serve Me a Double
  161. Serve-Aces
  162. Serves You Right
  163. Service with a Smile
  164. Servivors
  165. Sets In The City
  166. Sets On The Beach
  167. Sharp Shooters
  168. Shot Girls
  169. Shutter To Dink
  170. Simply Smashing
  171. Skinny Singles
  172. Slammers
  173. Slick Picklers
  174. Smart Aces
  175. Smash Bros
  176. Smash Girls
  177. Smashes and Volleys
  178. Soft Dinks
  179. Soft Serves
  180. SpinMeisters
  181. Stinky Dinkers
  182. Stinky Dinks
  183. Super Shots
  184. Super Smash Bros
  185. Supreme Court
  186. Sweet Shots
  187. Sweet Spots
  188. Synced Dinks
  189. Tailgaters
  190. Terminetters
  191. The Ball Bangers
  192. The Heatstrokes
  193. The Kitchenettes
  194. The Missing Dink
  195. The Perfect Pair
  196. The Real Dill
  197. The Volley Llama
  198. There’s No Place Like the Kitchen
  199. Third Shot Drops
  200. Tickeled Dink
  201. Tiddlydinks
  202. Two Peas In A Pickle
  203. Victorious Secret
  204. Volley Girls
  205. We Dink So
  206. Weekend Warriors
  207. We’ve Got Balls
  208. Wise Aces
  209. You Got Served
  210. You’ve Met Your Match
  211. Zero Zero Two

How to Come up with the Best Team Name?

Choosing a name for your pickleball team can get hectic. Moreover, at that time, you need all the possible guidance you can get to come up with a catchy team name. Thus, in times like that, we have a guide that will aid in crafting a unique name.

5 essential steps that will help you come up with the best pickleball team name:Pick your brain.Research what others are doing.Keep it concise.Bring out the uniqueness.Pick and choose.

Pick your brain

Take your time and brainstorm some crazy ideas. Also, you can take inspiration from your favorite character, TV show, or pickleball player you look up to. Lastly, come up with at least 30 fun ideas that will be shortlisted later.

Research what others are doing

Besides taking inspiration from your favorite characters, it is time for you to take inspiration from other pickleball team names. Further research on what other people have chosen Therefore, you can come up with something more creative.

Keep it concise 

When it comes to the length of the name, it is best to keep it concise. Furthermore, the more concise the name is, the more catchy it is. Eliminate any word that will make it monotonous.

Make it unique 

Now that all the major work is done, it is time for you to think of a creative way to make your name unique. Moreover, make sure your name is fun and classic so your opponent will forever remember it.

Pick and choose the best one

Finally, we are sure you thought of more than just one name. Therefore, choose the one that most resonates with you and is the best one out of the shortlisted ones.


What is a good pickleball team name?

Following are Some of the good pickleball team names:
1. A stiff dink 
2. Ace & Bass 
3. Ace on the Line. 

What are clever team names?

Following are some of the names that are considered clever:
• Stampeders
• Strikers
• Usual Suspects
• Office Tornadoes

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