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November 1, 2022
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If you’re a pickleball enthusiast and you’re ready to step up your game, you might consider participating in some competitions near you. But when you search “pickleball tournaments near me” you’ll find many websites providing a list of:

  • PPA pickleball tournaments
  • National pickleball tournament
  • USAPA pickleball tournaments
  • GAMMA pickleball tournament
  • Dreamland pickleball tournament and more! 

So how do you decide which competition is best for you? How to sign up for such competitions? And which things to consider before participating in any of the matches? We’ll answer all these and other related queries regarding professional pickleball tournaments in this blog.

But before we begin, just a quick reminder:

If you’re new to Pickleball and don’t know much about the rules, we’ve made a detailed guide on the serving rules. You can read it here.

Let’s get back to the topic for today!

Key Takeaways

  • USA Pickleball is the sport’s regulatory organization in the United States. It organizes major competitions both domestically and internationally.
  • You can find the calendar for all upcoming pickleball tourneys on PickleballTournaments.com. The platform publishes matches across the country and keeps track of each game you take part in.
  • To participate in USAPA-sanctioned competitions, you need to have an active USAPA membership number in your profile.

Pickleball Tournament Calendar for 2022-2023

Pickleball Tournaments - Calendar deadline with a clock in a flat design 1024x853

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of pickleball tournaments this week? Whether you’re searching for pickleball singles tournaments or senior pickleball tournaments, some websites can help.

USA Pickleball, the sport’s regulatory organization in the United States, organizes major competitions both domestically and internationally. Besides, many other local communities and clubs organize such competitions on a small level. 

There are many online platforms where you can find pickle tournaments easily and can participate by registering yourself. One of the biggest platforms for the directory of pickleball nationals events is none other than PickleballTournaments.com. This platform handles all sign-ups from small community matches to the biggest competitions including Nationals.

  • You can find the calendar of all upcoming pickleball tourneys here.
  • Apart from PickleballTournaments.com, there are a few additional sites that provide a comprehensive list of matches including Pickleball.Global and PickleballBrackets.com.

Today, we’ll be discussing how to register and join competitions using PickleballTournaments.com.

How to Find Pickleball Tournaments near You

As mentioned above, PickleballTournaments.com is the best platform to find professional pickleball tournaments both locally and internationally. The platform provides advanced search capabilities to find the perfect match for you. But you’ll first need to create an account on this platform to find the competitions near you. 
This platform allows you to enroll in all of the competitions that you choose to compete in. Not to mention, when you participate in events run by the platform, your ratings will instantly be included in USA Pickleball Tournament Pickleball Ratings (UTPRs).
So let’s follow the below step-by-step process and you’ll be set to find the perfect competition for you!

  1. Sign Up for USAPA

    Before you may enter a competition, you must first obtain your own USAPA number from the website www.USApickleball.org. It is the main governing organization for the game of pickleball in the United States, and it offers events, official rules, rankings, and promotional materials to members. You’ll need its active membership to compete in most matches.Pickleball Tournaments - a screenshot of membership form of USA Pickleball
    You can obtain a membership by clicking here.
    When filling out the membership registration form, you’ll need to self-rate your skill level. You do not have to be accurate in your ranking, but I would advise you not to overestimate your level. Why? Because tournaments carry more stress than leisure play. So be mindful when selecting your level of skills.
    The rankings vary between 1.0 – 5.5+, with a larger number indicating more player skill. You may also utilize USAPickleball’s player skill rating criteria to better understand and grade your own skills.

  2. Create a Profile on www.PickleballTournaments.com

    Now is the time to register yourself on www.pickleballtournaments.com. This platform will publish competitions across the country and keep track of each game you participate in. Plus, they will keep track of all information about your teams and results for every match you play. Once you input your membership number of USAPA, it will be saved in your records and you won’t have to provide it again for future competition.

  3. Search for a tournament

    So now that I have created my profile and I’m ready to play. How do I find tournaments near me and participate? It’s simpler than you think!You can directly access the search field from the homepage of PickleballTournaments.com. Now, you will see 4 options including “Featured”, “Future”, “This Week”, or “Past” in the menu list of the top menu bar. You can use these options to find your desirable list of all matches.

    Besides, you can also use the feature located on the right-hand side named “Search for a Tournament” and you can directly enter your keyword here to find that specific event. What’s best? The platform also offers you some advanced options including “State/Province” and “City” to search for a specific area.

    You might also like to utilize the filter “Show Only Open Registrations.”

    After you’ve chosen a tourney, sign up and go through the procedures to participate. Don’t forget that you’ll need to pay the match fees at the time of registration.

    Note: To participate in USAPA–sanctioned competitions, you need to have an active USAPA membership number in your profile.
  4. Get Your USAPA-Approved Paddle

    Once you’ve enrolled, you must double-check that your paddle is USAPA certified. It is generally marked on the paddle near the handle. If it isn’t printed, a list may be found at www.USApickleball.org
    You must ensure that your paddle has been authorized. If it isn’t, get one that is certified because you will be unable to play with an unapproved paddle. 
    Pro Tip:
    I recommend carrying two paddles with you. It’s impossible to predict when one may shatter or feel lifeless in the sweet spot.

Important Things to Remember 

Pickleball Tournaments - Hand drawn person playing padel illustration 1024x1024
  • Make sure to bring enough water with you. Water jugs and towels are permitted on the court.
  • Your luggage is normally not permitted on the court.
  • If you go outside the court to fetch another paddle, you must have the referee examine it before continuing play.
  • The competition will necessitate that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time. I suggest you arrive at least 60 minutes early to check in, locate a place to relax, and warm up with your partner.
  • Visit the tournament site early in the morning since they may modify the start time. You must be proactive in continually checking the site for changes or additions.
  • When you enroll, the platform will inform you about the day but not the time. Keep checking the site a week before and then regularly since changes occur often. And they may not inform you about them through email.
  • Many tourneys will contact you to let you know which court you will be participating in, therefore ensure that you’ve provided your text on your profile page.


Pickleball Tournaments - FAQ image 1024x683
What is the largest pickleball tournament in the world?

The Nationals is the world’s biggest pickleball competition, attracting thousands of fans. Generally, almost 2,200 participants from all around the world compete in 10 days of matches.

Can you win money in Pickleball tournaments?

Yes, of course, you win prize money whenever you win the competition. Although the winnings are small in comparison to other games and sports, a player may still earn a career by simply playing this sport.


Pickleball competitions are a great opportunity to put your abilities on display on the court. However, playing in professional matches is extremely different from playing in recreational games. Remember that there will be increased pressure, several starts & pauses during the day, and other important rules to consider. As a result, if you decide to participate in any of such competitions, you need to prepare both mentally and physically.


pickleballtournaments.com(opens in a new tab)

usapickleball.org/events/(opens in a new tab)




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