The Best Pickleball Balls

December 3, 2022
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The pickleball sport has grown in popularity over time, which is why more and more people have started to play the game. It is interesting, and who doesn’t love to stay fit by playing a sport, right? 

With ever-increasing demand, the internet is filled with thousands of pickleball balls to choose from and this makes it difficult for people to select the best ones out of those options. To make your search for the top pickleball balls easy, this article will discuss the best balls for pickleball for all types of play. 

Best Pickleball Balls for All Types of Play

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Onix Pickleball Ball – Best Overall

Onix is one of the top pickleball ball brands that manufactures both indoor and outdoor versions of pickleball balls. These pickleball balls are approved by the USAPA for both indoor and outdoor play.

The Onix balls have gained popularity because they are the quiet pickleball balls available on the market. As low noise has become a big priority in pickleball over the years, these balls have become a majority’s favorite.  

The Onix Pure 2 Pickleball is designed with a two-piece construction process and a heat welding technique that gives the ball a strong seal and smooth seam. 

These balls also feature smaller holes in them that make them well-balanced balls that deliver a good flight and a consistent bounce. 

Moreover, these pickleball balls can be used instantly after purchase, unlike some pickleball balls that need conditioning like bouncing or squeezing, etc. 

If you are looking to purchase them, then you can easily find them on the Pickleball Central balls website.

They have wind-resistant technologyOnly available in two colors
USAPA approved 
Can be used for aggressive play

Core Pickleball Ball

The Core pickleball balls have upgraded the pickleball game with their fully seamless and crack-resistant balls. These pickleball balls are perfect for professional and intermediate players. 

They are built with a 5x stronger polyurethane that is meant to withstand any aggressive shots during play. On top of that, these balls are wind resistant which promises good flight and perfect precision. 

Players can use them for both indoor and outdoor plays since their robust design can handle any kind of weather. The Core pickleball balls are also approved by USA Pickleball. 

These are available in bulk quantitiesThe bulk quantity can be too much for an average pickleball player
Can be used in any weather 
Durable and strong

Day 1 Sports Pickleball Ball — Runner-Up

If you want the best pickleball balls which are consistent, reliable, deliver true flight and bounce then the Day 1 Sports pickleball balls are ideal for you. These balls are custom pickleball balls that are molded along with 40 strategically sized holes.

Overall, the Day 1 pickleball balls are shaped with extra durable, co-polymer resin that provides longevity and top performance even in aggressive plays.  

These pickleball balls are specifically designed to adhere to the USAPA guidelines for professional outdoor plays. They are also a perfect fit for beginners, intermediate and recreational players. 

Designed according to the USAPA specificationsThe seams can impact the player’s performance
Great for both indoor and outdoor use

Franklin Sports Pickleball

Franklin Sports is one of the popular brands of sports equipment. It manufactures some of the top pickleball balls. Their outdoor pickleball balls are popular because of their solid and durable build. 

Pickleball balls tend to wear and tear very quickly with a serious player’s aggressive style of playing. However, the Franklin Sports ones are great for serious players since they are available in bulk. Therefore, players don’t have to worry about running out of balls. 

These balls are reliable and USAPA-approved for outdoor tournaments and you can find them in the Target pickle ball section. They are built with solid 40 holes delivering great flight and bounce during play. 

Franklin X40 and Dura Fast 40 are the official pickleball balls of the US Open Tournament Championship, and they have between 26 and 40 circular holes in them.

Single one-piece constructionThe bulk quantity can be a lot for casual players
USAPA approved for outdoor tournaments
Available in bulk quantities of up to 100

EasyTime Pickleball Ball

The brand EasyTime offers a custom pickleball ball pack that includes both indoor and outdoor balls in one pack. This makes it convenient for casual pickleball players who like to play both inside and outside. 

Moreover, what makes it even more appealing for casual players is they can get a pack of 6 balls (3 of each ball) at affordable prices. The balls also have a hot seam welding that gives them a smooth exterior and provides a good bounce.  

Include both indoor and outdoor balls in one packNot approved for tournament play
Great for beginners 

What are the Different Types of Pickleball Balls?

The different pickleball balls are indoor and outdoor pickleball balls. Both these pickleball ball types have their own features. 

Indoor Pickleball Balls

Indoor pickleball balls usually weigh around 0.8 ounces and are much smaller as compared to outdoor balls. The indoor pickleball balls are also softer than outdoor balls since they don’t get exposed to outdoor weather conditions. 

These balls have fewer holes since they don’t have to battle outdoor winds. Fewer holes can enhance the airflow that allows great control and delivers consistent bounce and precision. The indoor balls are meant to be used for playing indoors where the environment is much calmer. 

Moreover, indoor balls have a textured surface that makes it easy to spin the ball. 

Outdoor Pickleball Balls

The outdoor pickleball balls are firm and weigh over 0.9 ounces. Their heavy weight allows them to stay durable and strong in outdoor weather conditions. Outdoor pickleball balls are built to last in outdoor environments so they don’t impact the player’s performance. 

Weather elements like wind can impact a player’s shot so outdoor pickleball balls are designed to be wind resistant so they deliver a precise shot. They bounce better and are great for power shots due to their weight. Lastly, they are smooth and have much more holes to fight the wind. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Pickleball Ball

Choosing the right pickleball is tricky when the market is filled with some pretty good options. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right pickleball ball.

  • When it comes to choosing the right ball for yourself, you need to work out your own requirements such as: do you want an outdoor ball or an indoor ball or whether you are going to play casually or in a tournament. Answer these questions and then choose your ball accordingly. 
  • Pickleballs balls come in a variety of colors. You have to choose a ball that is the right color for your needs. Don’t choose the color according to style, choose one that enhances visibility even in dull lighting. 
  • Look out for the diameter of the pickleball you’re purchasing. Try to buy an indoor ball with a diameter of 2.8 inches or an outdoor pickleball with a 2.9-inch diameter. The ball’s diameter plays a key role in the player’s performance. 
  • If you want more personalized pickleball balls, then you can visit to get one for yourself.

What to Look for In a Pickleball Ball?

When choosing your official pickleball ball for your big game, you need to consider a few things. Here are some things to look out for in a pickleball ball while purchasing: 


The durability of the ball is crucial, especially if you enjoy playing outdoors. Consider buying a ball that is durable and isn’t prone to wear and tear easily and can withstand aggressive hits. 


The texture of the pickleball ball matters a lot, you might notice that some balls have a smooth texture while some have a rough texture. This is because the texture of the balls ensures how hard or easy it is to control. 


If you’re a sportsperson, you must be familiar with the fact that the material of the equipment is crucial to a player’s performance. 

For instance, pickleball balls that are made from plastic can last longer but they are more difficult to hit. Whereas balls that are made from a softer material aren’t as durable but they are easier to hit. 


One more thing that you need to look out for in a pickleball ball is noise. Some pickleball balls make much more noise than others when they make contact with the ground or other objects. 

Noise is an important factor to consider dispensing on what kind of environment you are playing in. 

USAPA Specifications

If you want a tournament-level pickleball ball, you have to make sure that the ball you are buying meets all the USAPA specifications. They also offer a search engine where you can look for all the balls that are USAPA-approved. 


In pickleball, the weight of the ball can make a big impact on the player’s performance even if it’s off by a fraction of a gram. 

If the ball is lightweight, then it can be a bit difficult to keep it in play or generate any power shots, whereas when it’s too heavy, you will have to swing with a bit more force. 

A heavy pickleball is great for outdoor play rather than a light one since the wind can cause the light ball to sway a bit. 


The last thing you need to look for in a pickleball ball is the number of holes it has. The number of holes has a huge effect on the flight of the ball. If a ball has no holes, it is not a good pickleball ball. Indoor balls usually have 26 holes while outdoor balls may have 40. 

If you want to look for good pickleball balls, then search “pickleball balls near me” on Google, and you will find a list of options that you can choose to buy from. 


What balls do pro pickleball players use?

The pro pickleball players use pickleball from the brand Dura. The Dura pickleball balls are the official pickleball balls that were used at various pro tournaments. 

Is there a difference in pickleball balls?

There are many differences in pickleball balls, such as some balls have holes that are a little larger and are also lighter than other balls while some balls are heavy and have smaller holes providing a wind-resistant feature. 
These different pickleball balls are designed for different playing environments so they can deliver optimum performance to the players. 

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball balls?

The indoor pickleball balls are designed for indoor surfaces that are smoother and polished while outdoor pickleball balls are designed for rougher and harder surfaces. 

This is why the indoor pickleball balls are softer and lighter because there is no wind impacting their travel or flight. These balls have bigger holes which provide a high bounce. 

Outdoor balls, on the other hand, are a bit heavier and built with stronger material to withstand the weather elements such as the wind or humidity. These balls can handle the wind’s impact and are much harder to wear or tear.

Casual players may not be able to spot these differences but professional players can pinpoint these subtle details. 


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