Pickleball Net Height vs. Tennis Net Height

Pickleball Net Height vs. Tennis Net Height
November 21, 2022
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If you’ve played pickleball before, you probably already know that tennis and pickleball are similar. However, do you know if the height of the Pickleball net vs tennis net is comparable? Let’s find out.

In the end, you can better prepare for swapping between tennis and pickleball by learning the key differences between the two sports. This will also obtain a clear grasp of the dynamics of each game.

I know you must be excited to find out where the differences are and why. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Key Ideas:

  • Pickleball Net Height Compared To Tennis: When comparing the height of tennis net vs pickleball net, I would say they are very similar! However, a tennis net is slightly higher than a pickleball net.
  • Differences Between Pickleball and Tennis Nets: The main difference between height of pickleball net vs tennis net is that the pickleball net is shorter than the tennis net.
  • Similarities Between Pickleball and Tennis Nets: There are a few similarities between the nets of both games; read on to learn more.

Pickleball Net Height vs. Tennis Net Height

Pickleball nets are smaller than tennis nets. According to regulations, the pickleball’s net height is 34 inches in mid and 36 inches at each post. 

At the same time, 36 inches is the standard height of a tennis net. With only a two-inch gap between the two nets, most standard tennis courts can be quickly converted into a pickleball court.

Additionally, if you want to know about the differences between a pickleball court vs. tennis court, click on the provided link.

Pickleball Net Standards

Pickleball Net Height vs. Tennis Net Height - Pickleball net and pickleball court

For pickleball games, USAPA creates all guidelines and rules. You will abide by USAPA regulations whether you play pickleball in a community tournament or just for fun with your friends.

  • The USAPA specifies that the pickleball net must be 21 feet, 9 inches long.
  • The standard for a pickleball net height is 34 inches.
  • The distance between a pickleball net pole and the court line should be 2 inches.

Tennis Net Height Standards

Pickleball Net Height vs. Tennis Net Height - Tennis net

The International Tennis Federation, or ITF, establishes all tennis net sizes and heights.

  • There should be a difference of 7 feet between the singles and doubles net dimensions.
  • A 36-inch-tall net is ideal for tennis.
  • It is recommended that a 3.5-inch line exists between the net pole and the court line tape.

Can You Use a Tennis Net for Pickleball?

Pickleball Net Height vs. Tennis Net Height - Wiffle balls and paddles


When playing pickleball, the net height at the posts is 36 inches, while the height in the middle is 34 inches. All sports that use nets typically have a sag in the middle.

A tennis net is 42 inches tall at the posts and 36 inches tall in the middle, with a drop of up to a foot in the center.

For this reason, pickleball nets are six inches shorter on the sides and lower overall. The difference is only two inches at its greatest point in the middle.

Differences & Similarities Between Pickleball and Tennis Nets

The popularity of pickleball has led many tennis players to switch to the sport. Many have never played pickleball but are keen to know the distinctions between these two sports net. Here is a list of the shared and unique characteristics of the different sports.

Difference Between Height Of Pickleball Net Vs. Tennis Net

There are a few differences between height of pickleball net vs. tennis net; let’s find out what they are!

  • Pickleball features a lower net than tennis.
  • When playing tennis, the center of the net is set at 3 feet. 
  • While in pickleball, it is stretched 36 inches from both endpoints and 34 inches from the center.

Similarities Between Tennis Vs. Pickleball Net Height

Some ways in which tennis vs. pickleball net heights are similar are:

  • Each one is wrapped in white tape two inches wide to hide the metal cable that runs again through an edge.
  • To prevent balls from going through their nets, both use mesh material.
  • Both are held together at their natural height by a single strap in the middle.
  • Both have covering posts on which to stick and extend the nets.

Overall Differences Between Pickleball and Tennis Nets

Drew Brees states, “Pickleball is an amazing play that unites people, ties neighborhoods together, and motivates an active lifestyle by playing pickleball matches.”

Pickleball nets differ from tennis nets in several ways, including

  • Typically, a tennis net measures 42 inches on each side and 36 inches in the middle. In comparison, a pickleball net is 36 inches on each side and 34 inches in the center.
  • Tennis netting is larger.
  • When playing singles, tennis courts require more support posts, which are larger than the main ones.
  • Because of the weight variations in the balls, a tennis net must be stronger.

How Does One Alter A Tennis Net For The Game Of Pickleball?

The easiest method is to easily slash the middle of the tennis net to 34 inches. 

If the net cord tension is incredibly tight, the pressure may need to be mildly eased by changing the ratchet on the post. 

Additionally, you can install posts on each end of your court and raise them using blocks of wood or pipelines to a height of between four and six feet, which is the advised range.


Q: Can you use a tennis net for pickleball?

Yes, pickleball can be played with a tennis net. Because the tennis net is taller than the pickleball net, it must be altered to be slightly lower. The point of lowering the net is to allow the ball to move freely.

Q: How do you convert a tennis net to pickleball?

A tennis net cannot be quickly altered to serve as a pickleball net. 
• First, you have to find a preexisting tennis net. 
• Remove the poles, and replace them with a sturdy 34-inch-wide by 54-inch-long piece of wood or steel. 
• Then, use wire mesh screws or staples to bind the new pickleball netting to the metal or wood.

Q: Is a pickleball net shorter than a tennis net?

Yes, tennis nets are taller than shorter pickleball nets.

Q: What size is a pickleball net?

34 inches is the standard height for a pickleball net.

Pickleball Net vs. Tennis Net Height – Conclusion

Pickleball nets are lower and more flexible, while tennis nets are higher and tighter. Tennis nets are also under more pressure, which keeps them taut.

Pickleball nets are shorter and require less tension since the Wiffle ball doesn’t move so far. Also, compared to a pickleball net, the fence on a tennis net is much denser and tighter.

This is because a tennis ball is more robust and can affect the net more when it strikes it.

To summarize, you know the salient distinctions between pickleball and tennis nets. Pick a net that suits your skill level.




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