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October 19, 2022
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We all know that the pickleball court vs. tennis court debate is a controversial one, given the similarities between the two in terms of court size, dimensions, and even the standards of the games themselves, there is a common perception that the pickleball game is similar to tennis.

People often wonder if they can play pickleball at the same venue. Can you play pickleball on tennis nets and the outline of tennis court dimensions? Is all this possible? Or to play both of these games, you must have everything separately?

Therefore, to put an end to this discussion once and for all, I will now provide a brief comparison of pickleball vs tennis court. 

So without going anywhere, stick with me through the blog’s conclusion to learn more about this topic.

Key Ideas:

  • Pickleball court vs tennis court: The pickleball court size vs tennis are quite comparable. In fact, you can play either game on any court whether it’s a tennis court or pickleball. There isn’t much of a difference between these two other than sizes and dimensions.
  • Pickleball court size vs tennis size comparison: The size and dimensions of the tennis court are 78 feet by 36 feet, while the size and dimensions of the pickleball court are 44 feet by 20 feet.
  • Differences in equipment: Not only does it vary in size from one another, but their equipment is also a little bit distinct from each other. You can play pickleball with paddles, whereas tennis is with rackets. There are a few more differences between the two sports, which I’m going to discuss further down in this article.

Tennis Court Vs. Pickleball Court: What’s The Differentiator Between These Two?

The main difference between tennis court vs pickleball court is the Size/Dimensions. Not only that, but there are a few other minor differences as well, so let’s look closer to see what they are.


The net in a tennis court is 36 inches high, while the net in a pickleball court is 34 inches at its center.

Kitchen *The Non-Volley Zone*:

The net is seven feet away from the pickleball court, with a three-and-a-half foot kitchen on each side. It’s a common term for the area, which is also known as non-volley-area.

Single And Double Zones/Courts:

In tennis, there are “doubles alleys” on both sides of the court for use by two-person teams. Both the singles and doubles pickleball courts are the same spacing and size.

There are a lot of similarities between the layout of each court.

The popularity of pickleball and the number of courts are both on the rise. There are currently 8,000 locations in the United States where people gather together to play the game.

Pickleball court vs. tennis court size comparison

Well, pickleball is a game that you can set up whenever you feel like it since it is such a standard size. 

Contrast this with tennis, which requires a sizable amount of ground space to play; so you can’t exactly whip up a court in your backyard or elsewhere quickly. 

Tennis Court Size & Dimensions:

The entire tennis court, measuring 78 feet by 36 feet (2,808 sq ft), is the dimensions for double player matches; for singles, the size of the court is lessen to 78 feet by 27 feet (2,106 sq ft)

Pickleball court vs Tennis court - Tennis Court Size Dimensions 1024x768

Pickleball Court Size & Dimensions:

Pickleball court vs Tennis court - Pickleball Court Size Dimensions 1024x768

A pickleball court has dimensions of 20 feet by 44 feet, with a diagonal assessment of 48 feet and 4 inches.

The depth of the kitchen is 7 feet on either side.

  • The pickleball court is much more straightforward than a tennis court; it’s 44 feet by 20 feet in size, and both singles and doubles can keep on playing within a single court. 
  • Whereas, like tennis courts, you can divide pickleball courts into a few distinct areas by defined lines.
  • The noticeable size difference between a pickleball court compared to tennis court is that the four pickleball courts could fit inside a single tennis court.
  • The layout between pickleball and tennis courts is rectangular, which is one of the similarities between the two sports.
  • A tennis court is much larger and more expansive than a pickleball court. 

Can you use a tennis court for a pickleball court?

Pickleball court vs Tennis court - Indoor tennis court 1024x537

A BIG Yes!!

The tennis court can be easily altered into a pickleball court. It allows you to play up to four separate games on the same court. 

So, while on a tennis court you can only play one game at a time, but if you are planning to play pickleball on a tennis court then an extremely large number of people can play the game at the same time.

There is a BUT!! WHICH IS…

You cannot play pickleball in the same arrangement as the tennis court and you have to make a few changes to it. 

Such as you can play pickleball with a tennis court by lowering the net to 34 inches in the center and taping or painting lines.

How To Convert Your Tennis Court Into A Pickleball Court:

Follow this straightforward tutorial to learn how to properly outline and position your pickleball court, altering your tennis court into a pickleball court in no time.

  • Courts can be converted into pickleball play areas in two ways: shared use or full-time use.
  • Sharing a court with another sport is as easy as painting pickleball lines on a tennis court.
  • If you lower the center tennis net to 34 inches, you instantly have a pickleball court. 
  • When playing pickleball, you can paint lines on the court. That will make it simple to switch from tennis to pickleball on the same court. 
  • To prevent having to run the full distance of the tennis court after the balls. It may be a good idea to install a limited boundary.

If you want to know more about pickleball court dimensions then follow this link to get more in-depth insights related to your query.

What Are The Other Differences Between Pickleball And Tennis Court – Let’s Find Out!

There are a few significant differences between their courts, such as the equipment used and the rules of each game. If you’re looking for more court-specific differences, then there aren’t many left to discuss.

Well, I’ll run through the differences in each game so that your confused minds can rest easy.

Ball Type

The pickleball ball, also known as a Wiffle ball, is 0.8 ounces, extremely light, and has 26 holes.

Tennis balls, which are made of rubber and covered in felt, typically weigh 2 ounces.

Paddles & Rackets

If you want to play pickleball, you need to have paddles so that you can hit the winning shots with them; additionally, having paddles is a requirement for the game.

  • You can choose from wood, fiberglass, or graphite for your pickleball paddle. 
  • They weigh 6.5-8 grams. Common dimensions for paddles are 8 inches in width by 15 inches in length, with a flat and sturdy exterior on each side.

Alternatively, you’ll need rackets if you wish to play tennis.

  • The typical tennis racket is made of graphite and weighs 10 ounces; it is 27 inches in length and 10 inches wide.
  • Natural gut, nylon, or polyester is used in the construction of its strings.

I won’t go into detail about how pickleball and tennis differ from one another in rules.

But if you’re interested in learning more about pickleball’s rules (Interlink), you can do so by clicking on the provided link.


Q: Can you use a tennis court for pickleball?

If you want to play pickleball, you can use a tennis court. So the answer is YES! The net can be set at any height with minimal effort and after that, you’re good to start playing the game.

Q: What are the 2 differences between pickleball and tennis?

Both pickleball and tennis use different equipment, and their courts are not the same size because the pickleball court size compared to tennis court is smaller.

The Wrap-Up

You probably know the difference between a pickleball and a tennis court by now, and if you do, you should tell everyone you know about it. 

So that anyone with an interest in both games can learn the simple Pickleball court vs. tennis court converting tricks and play wherever they like at minimal expense.




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